Watch Aftercare/Servicing

Watch Aftercare Services

Owning a watch is an appreciation of time and with it a responsibility for how we spend and care for our time. Carr provide a comprehensive and cost effective after-care service that guarantees your watch will faithfully keep time and retain the elegance, motion and character that brought you together in the first place.

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Full servicing which includes the following:

  • Pre cleaning and complete dismantling of the movement
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of the movement
  • Reassembly of the movement with lubrication, oiling and cleaning
  • Functional checks and regulation of the movement
  • Cleaning of the bracelet and watch case
  • Polishing then re-graining of the case and bracelet to original factory finish
  • Replacement of all gaskets and seals
  • Reassembly of the case and movement
  • Water resistance tests and final checks according to factory standards
  • 12 months warranty


  • Keep your watch properly insured with our watch valuations at £50 per watch.

Cosmetic Valets

  • Remove movement from watch
  • Clean and ultrasonic case and bracelet
  • Polish the case and bracelet
  • Then refinish to original factory finish
  • Replace seals and waterproof and pressure test

Cell and Reseal

  • Remove case back and old cell
  • Supply and fit new high quality cell
  • Ultrasonic clean the case and bracelet
  • Replace seals and refit case back
  • Water resistance test and pressure testing where applicable
  • 48 hours time testing