Let’s all hope this story is true and this very fine Rolex exotic dial Paul Newman 6263 was actually bought by this gentleman for $350 in 1974, the staged falling on the floor reaction makes me look further into this video clip that’s gone viral.

Also I would challenge the valuer as I would like to see some correlation between the watch and the paper work and invoice, as far I can see there’s none and that’s a big issue. For that valuation of $500k/$700k the warranty card needs to be stamped by the issuing agent and numbered, the invoice would require the watch numbers too.

The blank paperwork devalues the watch immensely as far as i’m concerned, he says you can buy blank  paperwork for $2000 (which is a new one on me), so he’s saying this watch without paperwork is worth $2000 less?

Yes the Mark 2 exotic PN dial is rare and the bracelet is correct but $500k and the owner diving on the floor makes me think the whole is set up and a PR exercise.

Anyway thats my take on this i would be very interested to hear anyone else’s views.

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