At CARR we specialise in cosmetic refinishing and watch polishing service. Watch servicing and refurbishments is an area that people should in my opinion invest a bit more time and money into the maintenance and up keep of their watches these watches are usually a large considered purchase and peoples collections run into tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands so having the collection regularly maintained and valued is imperative. Below is a step by step process of how the cosmetic valets are carried out. We would like to point out these different steps because people appreciate how in depth the process is.


The process starts off by opening the case back and carefully removing the movement from the case in a controlled environment. The watch technician will visually inspect the movement and make note of condition. Then watch is dismantled piece by piece from the bezel down to the clasp.


Each individual piece of the watch is then ultrasonically cleaned in a specialist watch bath then prepped by hand, removing dirt from the metal making the watch ready for polishing.


After the different pieces of the watch are dried then the polishing begins by hand to more technical parts of the watch like the bezel, crown and pushers.

The case, bracelet and clasp are then all polished an re-grained to original factory finish.


If the watch has received a deep scratch or knock laser filling is an option where the same metal of the watch is used to fill the effect area then polished process is carried out


The watch parts are then carefully reassembled piece by piece once all pieces of the watch are in place the movement is then placed back into the case this is then re-sealed using new seals/gaskets.


After being sealed the watch is tested for waterproofing and water resistance once passed the watch will further test will be carried out with the timing calibrations to check accuracy of the movement and power reserve over several days.

Final Checks

Once all tested have been completed and approved the watch is given a final inspection and signed off.


If your watch would benefit from a cosmetic valet then you contact us by email at [email protected]