Today’s blog is on the subject of the “5980” blue dial which is the model code for the Nautilus chronograph. The most desirable and the model I feature here is the 5980/1A-001, this is the all steel model with the blue dial.
This was launched in 2006 to celebrate 30
Years of the Nautilus and was immediately very popular as it had a chunky 40mm case and a steel bracelet. Most of the Nautilus range prior to this the 5711 and 3800 were non chrono versions and had a much slimmer case. It was the first chronograph in the Nautilus range and over the coming years was available with a blue, black or white dial. The early models from 2006-2009 had the Geneva Seal stamped on the movement, Patek used to send their movements to the Geneva Seal Bureau for inspection and testing.
After this Patek made the decision they could do this in house and stamped their movements with their own PP logo. Fair enough I say. However the early models sell for about 5% more than an equivalent later watch.
Affectionately known as the jumbo chrono and I would say it’s the ultimate sports watch. Prices have doubled in the last few years and show of signs softening as there’s so many more buyers than watches and manufacturing has ceased.
The black and white dials and still very popular but most guys wear blue so this is the go to dial colour choice. The model has been discontinued now and replaced by the 5990 which is only made with a black dial only increasing the demand for it.
Usually these models are pre sold so if you would like to be notified of the next one please let me know