Rolex Gold Zenith Daytona 2

Rolex Daytona 18ct yellow gold model 16518

So at a glance this is a modern Daytona with a crocodile band manaufactued by Rolex. What we have here is a watch from very late in the last century with a movement that was out sourced from another watch company and then modified by Rolex. It’s the El Primero Calibre that is used and owned by The Zenith Watch company. Rolex used this movement in all of the Daytona’s manufactured in the 1990’s. Nowadays all of these models are called the Zenith Daytona. They are many variations through the 10/12 year time and prices vary hugely depending on rarity and demand. This gold model the 16518 is as far as I’m concerned definitely one to own and excellent value for money. Prices for a perfect complete model are from £15-20k which is still cheaper than the current equivalent. The early white dial models has the black sub dial rings and the later gold as shown on our example. This watch looks excellent with either a Black and Tan crocodile strap and at half the price of a steel one must be a great buy.

Words by DC