When you invest in the stock market , you would get advise from your broker on market conditions and they would generally advise you on investments to make based on their knowledge, expertise and experience.
Once you have placed your trade your broker would arrange for your shares to be held in safe custody at a prime broker or shares account where your position is recorded and held safe until you wish to exit and hopefully realise a profit.
This can be done in the same way with the asset class of watches and we have the ability to do this with a totally bespoke service.
We also have safe custody deposit boxes at Coutts Bank In London, and all the watches are fully insured and cared for whilst in our possession.  We already do this for a number of our clients that are watch collectors and investors that take a view on the market.
Now is a great time to purchase and invest in this asset class at real value, and we can take care of the rest.  We can also exit your investment’s and position for you through our retail stores to achieve a maximum return.
Unlike stocks, you can actually enjoy this asset class as and when you wish. By prior arrangement you can collect any of your collection or we can deliver it to you anywhere in the World at your convenience. This will reduce your premium and offer you total piece of mind that your collection is not at home and also available when you desire.
Many of our clients swap their watches regularly, and this can be done in the comfort of your own home, office or at your holiday home. Whilst we have you watches in our possession we will service, clean and refinish them so when you next want to wear them they are in pristine condition.
We will also make sure your insurance valuations are at a current market rate so correctly covered.
If you would like to discuss the options of building a watch portfolio, and with the benefit of safe custody and the responsibility being with us please get in touch.
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