Patek philippe Nautlius 5980R

The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980R-001

The market is just getting stronger and stronger for these desirable models, clients often ask if this is substainable and my answer is yes. Its simply a matter of supply and demand and it’s global.
If you want to own a watch from the Nautilus or Aquanaut range you will need to be a known client of the AD, and a buyer of large diamonds with a healthy margin to be lucky enough to be considered for one as the “waiting lists” are closed. Or if you’re not, the only route and one we have use is the grey market of the re-seller, or the pre owned option.
The classic Nautilus model 5711/1a-010 with a blue/black dial is in very high demand and sells for double the brochure price, and the rose gold version some 50/70% over list of £40k, this price pattern runs through the range.
Patek Philippe only manufacture a very small number of watches which is about 5% the quantity Rolex make, and keep a very close eye on their AD’s which only enhances the superb reputation of this family owned watch company.
Prices will see at least another 25% price rise this year in my opinion, so now’s a good time to own that special piece.
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