Watch valuations 1

Watch valuations

Ask yourself this…….

Do I own valuable watches?

Do I have current valuations?

Are they even insured?

Having your watch insured is obviously very sensible and a wise thing to do. However if you don’t have a current valuation there’s a very strong chance that your watches are way under insured.

Watch values have risen significantly the past few years and some models have doubled in value in the last 18 months. Generally speaking insurance companies only pay the amount that the watch is insured for and you have been paying the premium on, so the valued amount needs to be accurate. I’ve also heard of a claim recently where because the watch was so under valued the claim wasn’t paid at all not even the insured amount so even more reason to have your valued watches covered at the correct amount.

We work closely with insurance brokers TH March whom we use ourselves and highly recommend them. They are a UK based company that we have been using for 20 years for our own cover, the service is very professional and their rates competitive. If you have current valuations you can contact them on 01822 855 555 using reference AC549T.

We at CARR know the current market replacement valuation figure for your watches and can prepare the documentation that’s required for your insurance company to cover your items.

To discuss your requirements and to make an appointment to have your watches valued in our City showroom please contact us today. Home or office appointments can also be arranged to suit yourself and avoid travelling with multiple watches. This service is charged on an individual basis.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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